April 26, 2018

OOH Advertising

Is It Effective? OOH Drives more Online Activity than TV, Radio, Magazine or Newspaper

A 2017 Online Activation Study from Nielson analyzed over 1,000 online surveys of U.S. adults conducted from March 20,2017 to March 30, 2017. The 20-question tool explored online activations over the previous 6 months that were inspired from a TV, radio, print, movie or out of home (OOH) media. An online activation was specified as an Internet search activity, a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram post. Results supported 2013 findings by showing OOH generated 4 times the online activity than TV, radio or print, for the same ad dollar spent.

Consumers Spend More Time Out of Home. Let Us Extend your Reach. 

DMVHuB OOH Ad Network Fayetteville

DMVHuB delivers your brand and marketing message to North Carolina customers when they are away from home. By partnering with independent, for-profit License Plate Agency contractors, we know that our traffic comprises annual visitors who are the primary decision makers for their household. They own their vehicles. Make travel decisions. And about half the traffic for tax and tag services come from new residents to the area (not necessarily the state).  This means our traffic numbers represent NEW not repeat visitors daily (unlike gyms, grocery stores or bus stops). Also, unlike other OOH venues, DMVHuB tracks monthly traffic at each location through government-validated reports. By continually reaching new visitors throughout the year, our numbers have more value. But that’s not all …

Create a Lasting Impression, Again and Again. Video Ads Cycle Every 3 to 8 Minutes.

The NC License Plate Agencies, being for-profit businesses looking to drive more customers through their doors, continue to add related services such as boating, fishing and hunting license registrations, in addition to related products like vanity license plates and pepper spray. Multiple transactions can increase wait times and preserve the captive audience appeal. It is our goal to maximize each consumer visit for our clients by cycling their ads multiple times during a 30-minute wait.

DMVHuB advertising also caps the number of advertisers at each location so we can guarantee our ads cycle every 3 to 8 minutes. A 15-minute visit would nearly show every ad twice. Another great value for advertisers to make a lasting impression – again and again. Play frequency data is available upon request.

 Get Ahead of the Competition. Over 40 NC Locations.

OOH will help you win web traffic from competitors by increasing organic search traffic, which also drives up your SEO ranking. Business competitors may be running campaigns with your business online, side by side, bidding on the same keywords. By using OOH, your brand is delivered to consumers outside of competition*, delivers branding and messaging in real-time, plus drives viewers to your website up to a month following exposure.

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