July 6, 2017

School Safety Program

Safety is not a test, it's a way of life.

3 Non-Profit Organization dedicated to making our schools safer places for children to learn, grow, and succeed.  By supporting School Safety Program (SSP), we are doing our part to provide schools with safety-related materials, supplies, and educational programs that can help them be Smart, Strong, and Safe every day.



Specialized License Plate Campaign

Click the link above to learn more about SSP's current Specialized License Plate Campaign, and to download your application today.  Proceeds from each purchase go directly toward funding important programs like the SSP Anti-Bullying Wristband Campaign, and providing local schools with much needed safety-related materials.  In addition, $10.00 of each purchase can be designated to go directly to the school of your choice! 

For More Information Please Visit SchoolSafetyProgram.org or Contact Us Here.